Haunted Songs by Cora

Haunted things are, many times, fears shared by a community. It could be fears of death, or fear of guilt or regret. One thing that can portray these fears is music. Wether its the lyrics or the song, or just a haunting tune, these songs portray our fears in society.

One song that is “haunted” is “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. It is basically a reminder that we are mortal, and can die, and even thought we work all of our lives to make ourselves “immortal” through our legacy, all we are is something that lives and dies, “All we are is dust in the wind”. One of the fears in society is that everybody can die and another fear is not being remembered after we are gone. So the song is haunted, in that it reminds us that we can die and be forgotten.

Another song that is haunting to us is “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane. The song is most likely about drugs and regret, but some people say it is about Vietnam and the drafts. “One pill makes you larger” stating that protesting the war would make you a bigger person, “one pill makes you small” refers to the opposite, meaning that you are taking part in the war. The ending line “Feed your head, feed your head” is about gaining knowledge and the line about logic falling sloppy dead refers to all the men dying in the war. This deals with the fears of mortality and the fear of not being knowledgeable or the fear of being uneducated.

Another haunted song, “Alonzo the Brave and Fair Angeline” is about adultery and loosing a love, one of the larger fears of society is being forgotten or being guilty, and they are playing a big part in the song. The ballad is basically a song about a man who goes off to war and the girl he is courting says that if she is unfaithful while he is away, or if he dies and she forgets him and takes another, his ghost is to appear at her wedding and claim her as his bride and then taking her to the grave with him. Well the man dies at war and the girl takes another, at her wedding the ghost of Alonzo shows up and drags her away to the grave with him. This shows the fear of being forgotten and the fear of mortality, for not living on throughout legacy.



2 thoughts on “Haunted Songs by Cora

  1. Hey Cora, I would really like to read the lyrics to these songs, could you find a link? Also, you have some really great ideas, but I would like to see them expanded on. Also, what do these songs have in common? I really liked your writing style, it’s very fluid.
    Signing Out,
    Iketera Tsukiko

  2. Genevieve Fell says:

    I found it very easy to read through your summaries, and I liked that you looked at the fears that spanned over the entire song. It was a really great post, but some sort of visual aid would have been nice.
    –Genevieve Fell

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